About Donna Paul

Welcome to the new Designer Previews website.  Redesigning this site – just as rebuilding a company as original as Designer Previews – has been a process where so many facets of my experience have come together in a satisfying way.

Throughout my career, design has been a focus-and a passion.  And now I bring that same energy to work every day as president of Designer Previews.

I began as a photographer. I have always been entranced with the visual world around me, and capturing it on film, as a profession, wasn’t work — it was constantly exciting. My evolution into design journalism was a natural next chapter and it happened because of Metropolitan Home Magazine, which, like Designer Previews was a pioneer in the field. It was the best possible place to learn and become exposed to everything that was groundbreaking at that time. I was among the select group of editors fortunate enough to work for  Met Home for over 25 years. First, as a city editor covering Boston and New England, and then, when moving to Manhattan in 1995, broadening the scope of my contributions.

My work covering the design and lifestyle categories was exciting and my passion for exposing fresh, creative design talent and trends continues still (see my blog). I wrote and contributed to numerous national magazines, such as Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Interior Design, and the New York Times. I wrote the THE HOME OFFICE BOOK, the first book to focus on the home office as a room with style possibilities, published well ahead of its time, in 1996.

I had a great opportunity writing a Wall Street Journal/Weekend Journal column, for several years, and have more recently written for the esteemed website, 1stdibs.com, in its brilliant online  ‘Introspectives’ magazine.

With Designer Previews, I have entered this next chapter, knowing that – truly – past is now prelude.  Again, I feel total joy and excitement.  As a journalist I covered homes and restaurants, shops and hotels, offices of all kinds, all designed by some of the world’s best designers.  It’s a privilege to now have them as part of my team at Designer Previews.

Every time I meet with a client I draw upon my design background and experience.  I incorporate its relevance for the real life situations and challenges that homeowners, restaurateurs, shop owners or hoteliers face when embarking on a new project.  I listen, evaluate and match each client to just the right designer to turn their vision into reality.

I hope you enjoy the new Designer Previews website.  And I hope to meet with you as you enter your next exciting chapter – your design project.


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