A newly built, Shaker- inspired farmhouse in upstate New York. It is distinguished by its steeply pitched twin standing-seam metal roofs,  in classic barn-red. <br />
A new waterfront house on Penobscot Bay is a contemporary take on the classic Maine gable.
This 5800-square-foot home in Palo Alto, Ca. was designed to adhere to the family's sustainability concerns. The lower part of the house has primary walls of highly crafted rammed earth made with soil excavated from the site. Between the upper and lower floors an 18-inch ribbon of glass allows soft light and allows the upper level to appear as though floating.
Dappled sunlight through the trellis work animates the walls of this 72-foot-long loggia - which has south views of the property in Southampton, New York.
A large freestanding ‘Italianate’ terrace with an original rear stable building has been transformed into a family home/art gallery. The original house maintains its detailing and wide plank timber floors, contrasting with the contemporary addition, where everything is white from the walls and ceiling to the polished concrete floors. The kitchen, with an extra long Corian dining table, has doors opening to the pool and garden and a substantial indoor/outdoor space that is furnished as a room.
Shaker inspired entry and stair in a new country house in upstate New York.
A classic Greek revival home, its front entry door  complete with re-purposed antique glass in the transom.
Eco-elegant: The enviable location, on Stinson Beach, CA, and the newly constructed and sustainable, 1900-square-foot beach house, is a second home for a San Francisco family. The only use of natural gas is at the cooking range, which draws from a 50-gallon propane tank.  With the exception of the propane tank, the home is net-zero in terms of its energy consumption.
A custom designed gate leads you to an enclosed yard, where the landscape is a combination of limestone paving, lawn, and contained planting. Starting from the street, an axis leads to the house, pierces it as a two-story central hall, and continues to the bay as a dock – aligning with Mt Tamalpias across the water.
Golden light from a sunset illuminates  the porch of a Greek Revival home overlooking the Hudson River.
Individual buildings are grouped to create multiple outdoor spaces, similar to the arrangement of nearby farms.Two primary buildings define a three-sided courtyard overlooking the panoramic Point Reyes Valley.
The symmetrical end wings bookend the 72" long garden loggia - off of which the interior rooms are accessed via French doors.
A view across the pool to the house which appears  lantern-like in the landscape.
A new take on a mid-19th century Hudson Highlands house takes its cues from A.J. Downing, with a large wrap aaround porch.<br />
In Napa County, this 2500-square foot-residence is a second home for a writer, a painter and their two young children.  A two-building scheme, linked by a covered breezeway, nestled into a 100-year-old grove of oaks, forms the general plan for the home. Sixteen-inch-thick shot-earth walls comprise the east-west portion of the living building, while the north-south walls are wood, sided inside and out with cedar.
A charming cottage-like entry porch of a new shingle style home.
The exterior of a private residence in Salento, Italy. The design integrates the home with the existing landscape, emphasizing the constant relationship between interior and exterior spaces. The facade is of local stone. Doors and windows reflect local tradition, with whitewashed frames and stone lintels. The floors are also made of local stone,.<br />
Detail of a cherry wood  library cabinet that has been designed in the Federal style. It contains lined pull-out drawers, and beveled glass doors of the cabinet which accommodated the owner's impressive collection of first edition gardening books.
A new Provencal style stucco Hampton's house. The en-filade through the entry court gate toward the Porte-Cochere, is crowned by a zinc finial.
The Ferrari Store near Milan, Italy, has a  glass gallery with a curved facade that permits total visibility inward and outward. It was made using a frameless anchor system. Its shape evokes the curves of a sleek Ferrari, and inside goods are presented in the same elegant way.<br />
 <br />
Light flows in from the cupola to illuminate a two-story private library.
A new barn building housing, among other things, a private study with stone fireplace, has estate views. The owner's equestrian passion is reflected in the detailing.
Limed oak woodwork including an Ionic columned capital in a private New York City apartment.<br />
In a new house in Maine, the kitchen window nook maintains the character of an old classic.  Especially at the built-in corner banquette where overscaled windows allow for dreamy views overlooking the bay.
In Watermill, NY a stone and plaster gas fireplace with flush television above. The two-story stair hall with skylight above brings natural light into the middle of the house. White oak wood floors and cedar plank ceilings continue throughout the main living areas.
A new country house takes it's cues from a vernacular barn form.
A double height library in a private home, includes an intimate seating bay  reaches out into the garden.
A hotel in Budapest designed by an important Italian architect, call Designer Previews to find out more about him.
Inside the Ferrari store, one of many around the world, the exclusive red color inextricably linked with the luxury vehicle is used here to focus customers on the brand. The curvilinear shapes of the display cases also mirror surfaces of the famed car.
In Nicosia, Cyprus, along the River Pedieos,  a configuration of four single-family luxury homes with the specific quality of sharing a single fluid form, while letting them each have their own physical identity as well. Ecological issues were addressed here,  which uses both passive and active devices. These included adopting low-emission, double glazing and building solar panels into the roof as deflectors. The panels are mobile to capture sunrays during the day.
A Pt. Reyes Residence in West Marin, California.<br />
Surrounded by a seashore environment and several historic dairy farms, this 2500-square-foot house embodied the California lifestyle and relates to its surroundings.  Individual buildings are grouped to create multiple outdoor spaces, similar to the arrangement of nearby farms.
This  6000-square-foot modern home was designed for a family of five in Los Altos Hills, California. The clients, both working parents, wanted a warm and casual, family-friendly dwelling with interiors that would merge with the outdoors.
The goal of sustainability was met through the home's building methods, materials, and energy systems.
Located in Seadrift, a gated vacation community that originated in the 1950s at the tip of Stinson Beach, the design follows a rigorous sustainability program, achieving the Marin Planning Department's highest rating for resource efficiency.  Photovoltaic panels generate all the home's electricity, the home's systems—hot water, HVAC, and radiant heating—are integrated, electric-based, and powered by the PV panels on the roof.
The design is rooted in the notion of radical simplicity for aesthetic effect and for budget. The house is a 20-ft by 100-ft box with a slightly sloped  metal roof for effect. This metal canopy  also links the house to the legacy of ‘farm vernacular’. The house has exterior walls and a roof built from SIPS (structural insulated panels), which replaces typical ‘stick framing’. This expedites construction, provides for higher insulation, and is a more sustainable way to build than typical methods.
 A Sonoma, Ca. Residence, that is  2000-square-feet  is on a 5-acre flat parcel within an existing grove of walnut trees.  An existing house, which was on the edge of the property, was demolished and replaced with this in the heart of the site to take advantage of the orchard beauty.
Located right along the Bay in Belvedere, Ca, this 3500 square-foot home is a total and complete renovation of a two-story residence – the primary home for a family of five – and includes the complete development of the site from fence to fence and from street to water. The dramatic setting and orientation of the site drove the design for this project.  Starting from the street, an axis leads to the house, pierces it as a two-story central hall, and continues to the bay as a dock – aligning with Mt Tamalpias across the water.
The dramatic setting and orientation of the site drove the design for this project.  Starting from the street, an axis leads to the house, pierces it as a two-story central hall, and continues to the bay as a dock – aligning with Mt Tamalpias across the water.
Spectacular views are achieved with its dramatic  architecture on axis with Mt. Tamalpias across the bay.
The statuary marble island and walnut make this kitchen warm and inviting. Horizontal slot windows allow northern light and a view of arriving guests.

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