The white bedroom with a series of colored accents opens onto a balcony overlooking the sea.
What could be more alluring for the seaside than a blue and white living room. Large windows allow brilliant light to flood the room.
The circular folly is immersed in beachside nature, so that the sun's rays are reflected in the blue glass pendant hung above the table.
The charming painting of a river scape is reflected in the blue and white color scheme of the room which is classic beach house decor.
The airy white room and gauze cotton curtains are set against a dramatic  sea view.
The natural rock is carved into a whitewashed staircase set with a variety of antique ceramic vases.
The aquamarine closet is reminiscent of old wooden sea chests, in this  bedroom with rustic beams.
The silver bed frame with traditional evil eyes on the foot is set against red geraniums on a painted stone floor.
Overscaled chaise lounges have jewel toned cushions while the bright blue Iznik tiles match the pool beside them.
The whitewashed walls are set with carved French windows.
Whitewashed walls are hung with an assortment of pots and pans in this rustic Mykonos kitchen.
The whitewash of the walls is juxtaposed with the highly polished floor, while a series of locally sourced Grecian ornaments are interspersed throughout the room.
The charming simplicity of the room is complimented by the ornately embroidered bedspread.
The traditional Greek rustic stone wall and table contrasts with the rectilinear conservatory windows overlooking  the Aegean Sea.
The blue of water and sky is viewed through black mullioned French window frames; while the large wooden beams give a nod to the rustic.
The idyllic outdoor shower: With an arbor overhead for a sky view, and constructed of teak, for longevity,  this was designed to take advantage of its private setting, surrounded by nature.
The strong horizontal accents of this poolside deck are broken up by the vertical beach umbrellas, and the cream and brown color scheme works with the deep blue of the pool.
The dark wicker chairs and floral sprigs and the framed coral print evoke nature and classic summer houses.
The blue and white living room, with casual slip-covered sofas leads, into an open plan marble kitchen.
In Palm Beach, Australia, a palette for a beach house was restricted to black stained oak floors, white planked walls & battened ceilings and a generous dose of white linen in the form of slip covers & sheer curtains. Blue & white predominates in china & fabric patterns as well as classic woven rugs from Madeline Weinrib in New York.<br />
A headboard of tufted flax linen is a standout piece in the comfortable guest bedroom.

Beach style interior design for your home

The perfect beach house should feel inviting and be a comfortable refuge from our crazy urban lives. Our designers “get it” and know how to design a beach house that says “RELAX.” ¬†Often these houses are simple, yet so well designed, they beckon residents and visitors to enter and kick back. Never sacrificing on sophistication, modernity, or up to date technology, the best beach houses soothe the spirit and fill the eye with a sense of pleasure.

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