What We Do

Designer Previews has been connecting clients and design professionals since 1984.

We know  that  looking for the right design professional can be overwhelming.  With the help of Designer Previews, that process can be more productive, efficient and even fun! We’ve learned from our clients how daunting it is for them, today, even more so, when so much information is available, clients still want a personalized expert to help guide them.

And that’s what I do.

Please know that you’re not alone with this search. I get it.  I understand what’s involved and how to connect clients with the right designer, or architect – based on shared aesthetic, design philosophy, scope and  type of project, budget requirements and work style.  And, we’ve done exactly that – thousands of times.

The process starts when you phone me at 212-777-2966 or e-mail me at donnapaul@designerpreviews.com.  Our conversation begins.  I learn a great deal in that initial conversation that will prepare me for our in-person consultation, when we can go deeper into your preferences and specific design needs.  You will be shown portfolios of various designers based on our first discussion.  However, it’s a dynamic process, where together we look, focus and narrow down the choices until we arrive at a refined list of designers for you to meet.  In most cases, one, or sometimes more than one, of these designers are the perfect match.

Designer Previews is truly the only personalized service of its kind. And, we believe that the designer and client should have a ‘click’ with each other — a connection– something that you each feel that says “this is the right one.” This predicts things will go well. You don’t need to become best friends with the professional you hire, but you do want to go on this journey with them, as they work to  create your new home, or other environment.

Through many clients meetings, common questions are often asked. Here are some of them; along with others I pose to my clients to consider.

Is the designer’s previous experience relevant to my project?

What kind of projects is the designer capable of handling?

Is the designer a problem solver?

Regarding clients, how much control do I need/want over the design process?

Do the designers have references?

What is their attitude?

Do they have good communication skills?

Are they well connected to supplementary team members or adjunct experts required on the project?

Do you like this person?

Would you have a meal with them?

Who exactly in their office will be working on this project?

Does the time frame and budget work?

Can you come to basic terms about the costs?

Will this project be a priority or one of many?

Whether your questions are listed here, or not, Designer Previews is here to support you throughout the process. We believe that the designer and client should have a ‘click’ with each other — a connection– something that you each feel that says “this is the right one, ” that predicts things will go well.

I look forward to working with you.



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